Industrial Trainings

HTML has moved on and so has the technology, the industry winners being Dreamweaver and Flash to name a few. In just a few short

years Macromedia/Adobe products will be on desktops up and down the country as Microsoft products are today. Everyone from an entry

level receptionist through to the ‘heavy’ team of developers will be expected to be able to edit, change and maintain the company Internet/Intranet site,

in the same way that everyone is expected to know how to write a letter using MS Word. It will be everyday stuff - for some it already is.

Logo Designing

A logo is an important identification mark for any business

flash Designing

Make your website Attractive with a Flash and Multimedia Animations.

Web Sit Development

A high-quality website development is a window to the internet world.

Web Designing

Redefining Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of website design .